Fundamentally, Zen begrudgingly accepts its relationships yet not <a href="">dating sites for people with herpes</a> much it creates your ‘cringe’ to see Jumin so lovey-dovey

Zen doesn’t irritate to refer to E the next by the their name, knowing full well it annoys Jumin and is the actual only real time that he’s capable draw an effect in the almost every other kid

Of all of the people throughout the RFA, Zen becomes together the very least having Jumin, which he viewpoints as actually good ‘trust loans jerk’ who was born having a silver-spoon in his mouth, and thinks one Jumin are a robot person that simply cares getting his money with his pet, E the 3rd. Zen is frequently vital on Jumin of his cures to your Jaehee, disagreeing having simply how much Jumin functions his assistant despite Jaehee saying during the Jumin’s station that Jumin’s workload try greater than her very own. As a result of his hate to the Jumin, Zen tries to avoid him without exceptions, speaing frankly about him only as ‘jerk’ and you can whining while Jumin goes into the newest talk. Because the video game was to begin with place in Korean, the fresh MC is highlight exactly how Zen doesn’t speak from inside the honorifics in order to Jumin, which in Korean was an indication of value so you can somebody elderly.

not, Zen’s animosity isn’t reciprocated and you will Jumin holds zero hatred for the Zen, and also notices him since the a buddy even after Zen’s procedures to your him and you will Jumin also delivers Zen bodyguards less than danger of new hacker within his station. Jumin possess expanded modelling and you may sponsorships now offers into Zen several times, recognizing their talent along with his seems but Zen features refuted them whenever, and their very first conference ending with Zen rejecting Jumin’s give from employment. The ideal limbs regarding assertion is inspired by Zen’s hatred regarding cats and you may Jumin’s fascination with her or him – have a tendency to, Jumin will send photos from E the 3rd on cam comprehending that, so excellent are Zen’s allergic reactions, it can lay Zen out of and also heading so far as to create on cat on prior party-making Zen’s allergic reactions work up to a really high knowledge.

It is just into the Zen’s channel perform the two begin to get a hold of vision so you can attention; Jumin is the one to prepare Zen and also the MC’s conference, putting some required preparations to take this new MC off to Zen’s household despite his very own personal belief that folks should never be life with her otherwise investing night together with her in advance of relationship; simply sooner or later really does Zen understand Jumin’s assist and supply away from friendship, apologising to possess misdirecting his frustration he thought into their sibling onto Jumin, that another guy accepts and once once more makes an enthusiastic bring of getting Zen become deal with regarding a tea-cup enterprise he could be focusing on.

Both greatly clash when you look at the Jumin’s route, attacking much more very than usual more Jumin’s measures of having the fresh new MC stay static in their penthouse; multiple times do Zen threaten Jumin so you can ‘release’ the brand new MC, caution the latest MC one to Jumin try a man and therefore good monster which she you should never trust your to not do anything.


Jaehee and you can Zen is actually best friends, with Jaehee along with being good diehard fan away from Zen, tend to complimenting him with the his appears and you will fangirling across the selfies he apparently directs on the chats. Jaehee’s reliability only fractures whenever doing Zen and she actually is extremely defensive over Zen and his awesome community, concise where she will punish the brand new MC if the she candidates brand new MC which have emotions for Zen, if the MC is within his route or not; not, the lady protectiveness is complete from matter having Zen and you can their increasing prominence, becoming afraid that a good scandal you will occur and finish hurting his profession.